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Hyundai Ioniq 5 Remote Bonnet/Hood Release

This kit will allow you to open the bonnet/hood via a remote. It seemed crazy that a vehicle as futuristic looking as the I5 and packed full of technology would rely on a manual release cable in the footwell to open the front so we designed this kit.

This kit makes life so much easier for when you need to access the storage box for charger cables or anything else you want to keep out of the main boot/trunk.

Fits with absolutely no modification to the car itself. It can be installed by any DIYer using only very basic tools such as a socket set (10 and 12mm) and a screwdriver. Comes complete with 2 remotes.

  • The vehicle should be unlocked when using the remote release. The alarm system remains active when the vehicle is locked and opening the front via an aftermarket kit will trigger the alarm.

Click here to see the bonnet/hood release in action